Talking About Bankruptcy Services

Talking About Bankruptcy Services

  • Getting Disability Benefits When You Have Depression

    Social security disability benefits can be difficult to qualify for, especially for those who have "hidden" disabilities—those problems that aren't as obvious as a wheelchair or a missing limb. One common disabling condition is depression. Depression can have several manifestations, but if it begins to affect your ability to work or to care for yourself and your family, you could qualify for public assistance. Proving Disability Since depression is so varied in expression and since it is a more common problem, it can be hard to prove that your depression is serious enough that you need help from the state.

  • Filing For Bankruptcy? Here Are Three Of The All-Time Biggest Mistakes To Avoid

    After days or weeks of soul searching, financial restructuring and harsh realizations about your spending, you've decided to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy. You're nothing close to a money wizard or bankruptcy attorney, so you're not sure what to do, or more importantly not do, next. Before you begin the process of filing for bankruptcy, here are three of the worst mistakes and decisions to avoid: Lying About Your Finances

  • How Lien Stripping In Chapter 13 Can Benefit Your Financial Situation

    Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not always the preferred option to use, but it does have its advantages over Chapter 7. One advantage you might be interested in learning about is called lien stripping. This is something that is commonly used in Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, and its purpose is to remove second and third liens from homes. What is Chapter 13? Chapter 13 bankruptcy is one of the options available to people that are struggling with debt.

  • Deductible Expenses That Can Help You Pass The Chapter 7 Means Test

    Filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you deal with an overwhelming debt problem, but you must pass a means test to qualify for this type of case. The means test is designed to determine if you have enough disposable income to pay your debts. If you do, you won't be able to file for chapter 7 and will have to settle for chapter 13. However, the bankruptcy court does allow debtors to deduct a number of expenses from their incomes, which may make it easier to qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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Talking About Bankruptcy Services

Hi there, I am Shirley Lorenzo. Without adequate car insurance, every accident has the risk of leading to bankruptcy. Car accident damage caused by an under-insured individual can result in the inability to even own a vehicle until it's paid. Thankfully, bankruptcy attorneys can help discharge those debts and restore finances to a positive status. Bankruptcy requires the use of an attorney to navigate the complicated set of laws governing the process. I will use this site to talk about the paperwork, procedures and meetings required while pursuing bankruptcy. I will also share my knowledge about common bankruptcy court procedures used to discharge debts. Thanks for visiting my site.