Talking About Bankruptcy Services

Talking About Bankruptcy Services

What If You Can't Afford To Pay Your Bankruptcy Lawyer's Fees? What Do You Do?

by Carlos Gomez

Your debt might have reached the point in which you can't pay it back and even consolidation payments are out of your reach. Filing for bankruptcy might help you to clean the slate on your debts but it's not free, and you still need to pay your court costs and lawyer's fees. What can you do if you can't afford to pay your bankruptcy lawyer? There are a few things you can do. 

Crowd Fund

If you really can't afford your lawyer's fees and your family and friends can't help you by loaning you any money, then you could turn to crowd funding for the payments. There are several sites online you could use in which you will get the majority of the funding people pledge. You could offer to perform a service such as writing or offer to pass the good deed on in some way in exchange for their help. It's pretty easy to create an account and write a description of what you need the money for.

Pay in Installments

Before hiring a lawyer, check around and ask any that you interview if they will accept payment installments of their fees. There are many who will. Bear in mind, however, that if you go this route, most lawyers will not file any motions or file for your bankruptcy until all their fees have been paid in advance. You will also have to pay your court fees in advance too. This is because depending on which type of bankruptcy (Chapter 7 or Chapter 13) you declare, everything you owe could be discharged and this means the lawyer's fees would be included as well.

Fees Through Chapter 13 Payments

Another way to pay in installments, and if you are filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is you could pay your lawyer's fees through your Chapter 13 payments. This is a very common practice for lawyers to use in which they take at least a partial amount of their fees from these payments. Chapter 13 reorganization and management of debt lasts three to five years. It is designed to help you catch up on payments you are behind on such as mortgages or car loans. It is possible that if you are paying your fees through Chapter 13 bankruptcy, that a lawyer will eventually convert your filing to a Chapter 7 to discharge the remaining debt once all fees are paid.


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Talking About Bankruptcy Services

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